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Iron Armour Inspection Report

Inspection No.:202405031755588162
  • Machinery certification 1Item 4Item
    • Engine brand: 康明斯
    • Engine production year: 2020
    • Nameplate: Normal
    • Steel seal number of the machine: Normal
    • Certificate: Yes
    • Purchase invoice: Yes
    • Import declaration: None
  • Paint of the machine 2Item
    • Paint of the machine: Original paint
    • Front of cab and location of tool box: No pitting
  • Working unit 9Item
    • Boom: Appearance noraml
    • Arm: Appearance noraml
    • Left boom cylinder: Appearance noraml
    • Right boom cylinder: Appearance noraml
    • Arm cylinder: Appearance noraml
    • Bucket Cylinder: Appearance noraml
    • Bucket: Bucket for digging land
    • Bucket Appearance: Slight wear
    • Lower Frame/X Frame: Appearance noraml
  • Traveling mechanism 3Item
    • Track shoe: Mild wear
    • Chain rib: Mild wear
    • Driving wheel: Mild wear
  • Cab condition 4Item
    • Cab door: Appearance noraml
    • Top of cab: Appearance noraml
    • Dashboard display: Appearance noraml
    • Hour meter: Appearance noraml
  • Main parts 6Item
    • Hydraulic pump: Appearance noraml
    • Swing motor: Appearance noraml
    • Main control valve: Appearance noraml
    • storage battery: Normal
    • Engine: Appearance noraml
    • engine nameplate: Yes
  • Machine inspection 5Item
    • Inspect Machine?: Yes
    • Inspection date: 2024-05-03
    • Support the machine at idle speed: It can support the body of the machine forcefully at low speed
    • Exhaust color: Exhaust smoke color is normal
    • Walking: Normal walking
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